Life Center and The Singing Christmas Tree's mission is to produce a show that is inspiring, uplifting, and heart warming. But even more than that, we desire to touch the lives of each and every person watching our performance. Wherever you are at in life, Jesus has a message for you and He uses many different avenues to reach your heart. If something special happened to you during a presentation of the Singing Christmas Tree (or days thereafter), from this year or during past seasons and you want to share your story; please type in your message at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your heart felt comments, we appreciate you taking the time to share.

Loved It!

went this year for the first time. Wow, what an awesome production. I just loved it. I plan on going every year now. I want to say a huge thank you for Pastor Dean and the many others who put on this wonderful performance. I even ordered a DVD copy of this so I can watch it again. Thanks again!!!

Valerie, Port Orchard, WA
Written in 2015

Heartfelt and Sincere Performance

Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring message last night at the 2014 Singing Christmas Tree. It wasn't just a performance, it was heartfelt and sincere as though we were a part of the miracle. God Bless you and those involved in spreading the word.

Shawn, Elma, WA
Written in 2014



Lynn, Meriden, CT
Written in 2013

A Healing Experience

My mother died suddenly in her sleep 7 Christmas mornings ago. I didn't really look forward to Christmas much after that. Then, 2 years ago, I went to see the Singing Christmas Tree, a year after my brother committed suicide. I experienced the joyous outpouring of hope and wonder depicted in the children's smiles, the dance and song filled with color and life. This helped me in the healing process to move forward. I went again this year, still reeling from the shock of the atrocity in Newtown, CT. Yet the wonder, the joy in the celebration of Jesus' birth, the Life in knowing Jesus came through once again. Thank you and God bless you.

Marnie, Tacoma, WA
Written in 2012

A Cherished Memory

Four decades of inspirational memories and sharing the love of God: that's what your Singing Christmas Tree has meant to me and my wife. We have seen countless presentations over the many years and with each one have come to love the experience more. In our early 30's at the first production, who would have thought we would have seen this many more. Health issues would now suggest that this may be the last performance I will get to enjoy. But, rest "I Believe". I have for a long time known that life, in the end, is made up of a mosaic of memories. And toyou goes my deepest appreciation for the many fond memories you have provided. Finally, My greatest thanks to all of you who were involved in this years production, to all those who preceeded you and to all those who will succeed you in future presentaitions that glorify our Lord and Saviour.

Chuck, Olympia, WA
Written in 2010

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